Dramatherapy provides the client with the opportunity to try out different ways of being. Using stories, exercises, games and role play the client is given a safe space to rediscover aspects of themselves which may be hidden, forgotten and underused, alongside, experiencing those patterns of behaviour and ways of being that are more familiar.

Dramatherapy sessions will give the client the time and creative distance to begin to understand thoughts and feelings and locate where patterns of behaviour may originate from. Increased awareness brings with it the possibility of change.

To experience dramatherapy you do not need to be good at drama all that is required is a willingness to enter into ones imagination and be curious.

Dramatherapy also uses movement and touch which is very helpful when working with people who are non verbal or don’t want to talk. See The Sesame Institute website for more information about this way of working.

All practicing dramatherapists must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Please contact me if you feel that you would benefit from dramatherapy

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